Business Continuity Management
is a part of doing business.
Like any other kind of business planning, it's imperative to plan your resilience.

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is how you build resilience.
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Resilience is everything.

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You plan for growth and success. But when change is unplanned and it impacts your profits, cash flow, people, customers, data, and your reputation, what then?

How will you manage change that threatens your organization’s survival?

Can you afford to just let big waves smash into you, or will you be prepared to ride those waves safely ashore?

We help you design or update a practical framework to manage emergencies and disruptions. Then, we work with you to: 

  • Identify the real-world risks and how to mitigate them
  • Prioritize what must be recovered and when
  • Plan the steps and resources required for recovery
  • Test and practice using your incident management and recover plans

Your growth and success rely on your resilience. Work with Business Resilience Solutions to make BCM key to how you do business.

Business Resilience Solutions is your BCM coach.

Resilience Matters Blog

Measure Resilience Versus Business Continuity ManagementMeasure Resilience Versus Business Continuity Management

Organizations need to make BCM programs measurable to enable useful oversight and accountability. Too often, however, measuring BCM becomes unnecessarily complex, time-consuming and onerous, diverting resources and sapping engagement and commitment.

Cyber Insurance Isn't Cyber SecurityCyber Insurance Isn't Cyber Security

Increasingly, you only can buy cyber insurance when you prove that you have implemented comprehensive strategies to reduce your risk and mitigate the cost of cyber-attacks. In fact, it is more valuable to implement those cyber security strategies than to have the insurance policy.

The New Normal - Multiple Events at the Same TimeThe New Normal - Multiple Events at the Same Time

The most serious risk to your organization isn’t malware, supply chain disruption, pandemic or any other event. Ironically, your biggest risk is your inability to adequately recover from multiple simultaneous disruptions. In the past few years, business and society have adapted to various ‘new normals’, and one of those is disruptions layered one on another and another.

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